This is only a recommendation. We still highly suggest that you do your own research based on the information we provide and order based on your own individual needs. Take the porosity tab and know your texture before reading this (see porosity/texture tab)

Based on issue:

Heat Damage/Growth/Alopecia:
-Diamond Bundle in your porosity
-Platinum Bundle in your porosity with a styling product *order a styling product based on your texture. Please read the descriptions of the styling products to best suit your needs

Balding/thinning/thin edges:
-A growth bundle

-Low Porosity Gold Bundle for straight hair

-Platinum bundle for wavy hair or gold bundle with curling custard for straight hair

-Diamond Bundle for Curly hair

-Diamond Bundle and Vegan Texture butter for Kinky and Coily hair

Make sure you order in your porosity and  based on your texture. *make sure you also add styling products if your bundle does not come with it and your hair needs styling products to be styled.

Relaxed hair that wants to remain relaxed and straight;
--Gold bundle in your porosity

-Stimulating Scalp Beverage Low Porosity
-Hair Dew Leave In Low Porosity
-Growpoo Clarifying Shampoo
-Growtein Free Conditioner
-Vegan Texture Butter

1-2A :
-Gold Low Porosity Bundle *This is the lightest of the bundles and is best for this texture because it will not weigh the hair down. Note if you are looking for a styling gel this texture can use our conditioning curling custard.

-Platinum Bundle  in your porosity * note the platinum bundle does not come with a styling product
-Conditioning Curling Custard in your porosity

-Platinum Bundle and a styling product in your porosity (moisture milk and curling custard is ideal for this texture)
-Diamond Bundle in your porosity

-Diamond Bundle in your porosity
-Platinum Bundle in your porosity * note the platinum bundle does not come with a styling product
-Mega Mangrow Moisture Milk & Curling Custard together
-Vegan Texture Butter Mega Mangrow & Curling Custard together

For Thin Edges Only:

Stimulating Scalp Beverage, Re-Do Prepoo and Hair Dew in your porosity.

Children Ages 3months-2 years

We recommend the Growpoo Shampoo, Growtein Conditioner, Hair Dew in their porosity.  Depending on their texture you can also order a styling product such as Mega Mangrow Moisture Milk, Conditioning Curling Custard or Vegan Texture Butter. Always read the product description to check for allergies to any ingredient.

Children Ages 2 and up


-Growth Bundle and Styling products in their porosity


- Growpoo, Growtein and Styling products in their porosity